Kenna Adatte moved to Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill in October 2020, after 40 years of living in a large home in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

Kenna put down her deposit in February 2020, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, sales associate Mary Beth Meehan called to let her know they were postponing moves until further notice.

“I actually used the summer to do a lot of downsizing, knowing that I would eventually move,” Kenna said. “Several times over the summer, Mary Beth said I could come by and look at the apartment. She even helped me select the carpeting. In September, she told me they were reopening. Everything fell into place quickly once they said they were accepting residents again.”

Even though most activities and events have been put on hold due to the pandemic, Kenna said it hasn’t negatively affected her experience as a new resident. “It gave me time to decompress, get myself organized and not feel like I immediately needed to meet people and get involved in things,” Kenna said. “I’ve been a widow for 15 years and had to do things by myself for a long time. I’ve always been someone who can occupy myself well.”

Kenna used to work at the holiday gift shop at the Woodmere Art Museum. She looks forward to volunteering her time in the gift shop at Masonic Village. She hopes to one day donate some of her collage art to the shop, with the money raised going back to the village.

Kenna learned about Masonic Village while checking out various retirement communities with a friend. “All of the places were welcoming, but there was just something about Masonic Village when I came here that clicked with me,” she said. “Part of it was the location. It’s so close to everything. I wanted to go to art museums and theaters. It was a more intimate place, too. I had a gut feeling. You know when you know.”

So far, her experience at Masonic Village has been a good one. “You can come and go as you please and still have someplace to call home,” she said. “The people are lovely here. The stuff you worry about when you own a home – especially a big old home in Mt. Airy – isn’t a concern here. The sense of security and knowing that there’s help right around the corner if I need it but yet there’s still a feeling of freedom … that’s what’s been the most rewarding for me.”