Why move to a retirement community now?

In my experience, I have learned you can always find a reason not to move. Making a change is difficult at any stage in your life, and leaving a home after 50 + years of memories is not an easy task.

January 26, 2017|

The Great Masquerader: Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a common disease which can cause many common symptoms. It is called the great masquerader because it can mimic many other diseases. Despite its tricks, hypothyroidism can be easy to treat.

January 13, 2016|

Living Safe as We Age

One of my biggest challenges as I entered my mid-sixties was recognizing the physiological changes that have been occurring to my body. Something as simple as getting out of my car takes more effort than before.

December 30, 2015|

Obesity and the Science Behind Healthy Eating

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. What causes obesity is quite complicated; the mechanisms behind it, however, are becoming known. We know it is a balance between what is eaten (diet) and what is burned (exercise).

October 6, 2015|

Identity Theft and Scams Can Sneak Up

Every year, Masonic Villages helps a handful of residents navigate through the process of reporting fraud or attempted scams. Statistically, senior citizens are targeted with consumer fraud more frequently than other demographics.

September 22, 2015|

Successful Emotional Aging

Recently, we have learned genetics play less of a role, and physical, emotional and spiritual health have a more important influence on successful emotional aging (SEA).

September 1, 2015|
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