In addition to running Meal on Wheels, a food pantry and a thrift shop, almost daily, Colonial Neighborhood Council (CNC) receives new requests for support. They could range from assistance with utility bills to money for medications to a young mother fleeing an abusive relationship.

For about 10 years, Masonic Villages printed and distributed its Report to the Community. In 2018, in an effort to “go green,” we moved the report online. Masonic Villages donated the money saved on production costs that year to charitable organizations serving seniors across Pennsylvania.

 A $2,500 donation was made to the Colonial Neighborhood Council on behalf of the Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill. Shown above (l-r): Adrienne Staudenmayer, executive director, Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill; Sandi Fryer, executive director, Colonial Neighborhood Council; and Masonic Village resident George Scheerbaum.

“Our mission is to have the means to help everyone who comes to CNC in crisis,” Sandi Fryer, executive director, said.

Over the last year, CNC coordinated 36,300 Meals on Wheels deliveries (many of which are for seniors), served more than 5,000 people through its food pantry and provided financial aid for 480 families, including help with rent, utilities, medicine and transportation. Its in-house thrift shop offers clothing free of charge.

CNC was founded in 1967 and is made up of more than 150 volunteers who deliver Meals on Wheels, with additional volunteers assisting in the food pantry. Sandi started with the organization in 1993.

Two of the biggest increases in need she’s witnessed over the years are money for rent and diapers, since programs like WIC only provide the bare minimum. The organization tries to give as much support as possible, although there are guidelines as to how many times the organization is able to help one family or individual.

“Your donation will help us keep our program viable,” Sandi said, “and help us to help families keep a roof over their heads, keep food on the table and the lights on.”

Whenever possible, CNC partners with other schools, churches and civic groups to fulfill needs, and often reaches out to neighbors in the community for recommendations on affordable apartments, home repairs or other specific requests. Masonic Village residents have held several food drives to help replenish its food pantry.

“Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill is proud to support the efforts of the Colonial Neighborhood Council,” Adrienne Staudenmayer, executive director said. “By working with others in the community, Sandi and her team of volunteers bring everyone together to help neighbors in need. That level of commitment to a greater good aligns well with our mission.”

Learn more about Colonial Neighborhood Council on Facebook. Read all the ways Masonic Villages serves neighbors in need across the state in our Community Impact Report.