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Luckiest Man on Earth

Before coming to Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill, Ed Campbell was living on his own in a rowhouse in the East Falls section of Philadelphia. As he got older and developed some health problems, he came to the realization that, sooner rather than later, he was going to need more help.

June 2, 2023|

Getting Back to Life and Each Other

Denise and Gerald “Jerry” Francis were not planning to move, but sometimes life doesn't go as planned. In early May 2021, Jerry became critically ill, and after multiple surgeries, he was given little hope of survival. Rehabilitation at Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill gave him hope for recovery and the possibility of reuniting with his wife of more than 50 years.

June 15, 2022|

What’s Your Long Term Care Plan?

You can never start preparing your long term care plan for yourself or a loved one too soon. Knowing your options and what to expect throughout the process can help

October 17, 2021|

Convenience and Connection

Residents are using Echo Dots for convenience and enjoyment. By simply giving voice commands to answer questions, they get a weather report, find a local business, play music and hundreds of other tasks.

June 24, 2021|Tags: , |
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